Sunday, March 1, 2009

random thought

Finally, after seven months, a desire to write but nothing that I wanna write about. This is the only line i have managed to type in last ten minutes. Kinda disappointed with myself. Life has been so routine for past sometime that nothing has managed to get me thoughtful. Routine in a good way but still...routine. One of the sad things about past seven months is that gradually the list of people i might look up to or get inspired by here has hardly any names left. I guess that’s how its supposed to be...the amount you absorb from people around you diminishes once you have been with them for a while. Now that this is my fourth semester here...very few things that people do or say takes me by surprise or makes me think. And the things that i do absorb from others are simple gestures or tiny pieces of thoughts. Simple things that make the process of learning how to live on my own continue.
I guess the major thing i learned is how little is the importance of defining moments or spectacular events in our lives . How a routine life can be good and how stability and security are what we seek through things that start by sweeping us of our feet. Learning curve can be a negative exponential so many times but the nice bit is that it always extends to infinity.


RaSh said...

*Spends more time making the graph than reading the post*

Post often na beech! :P

Abhijeet said...

welcome back =)
the blogosphere missed you...
Nice post, I kinda disagree; but still

Pao said...

lol! @ rash
thanks bing :)

Gunner Galactico said...

Thats some deep shit right there

Pao said...